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SEO services pricing

Our offers of search engine optimization (SEO) services are flexible and adapted to your means and your objectives. Here is SEO pricing information in order for you to have clearer ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us and describe your positioning project or ask for a quote.

Flexible SEO offers

Depending on your goals and your budget, our SEO agency supplies monthly offers without engagement. You only have to pay for the optimization services that you ordered at the beginning of the month.

You can order services each month for 300€, 600€, 900€ per month or more in function of your budget, and always in relation to the requirements of the project. Our SEO pricing and work organisation allows you to decide to stop the SEO process from one month to another, when you want. This way, our offers are non-binding and you will stay in control of your finances as well as the SEO advances on your website.

In some cases, such as SEO services on-demand, like SEO copywriting for example, we can also offer one-off payments, usually in two instalments (35% deposit payment due upon ordering, and 65% at the delivery). Again, tariffs vary widely: SEO costs generally depend on the time and effort required to complete the tasks requested.

Complete SEO Services

Our SEO services are necessarily adapted to each project. Our offer can include, according to the needs and the goals of our clients: SEO and information architecture audit, keywords research, on-page optimization (content and meta-data), link building in the best directories, and technical optimization (website files and settings, server analysis). In any case, we offer you our SEO expertise and advices.

At the start of the optimization process of a website, we analyse your positioning objectives and your website, including its current positions on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) for your target keywords. We suggest a positioning strategy that you have to validate. Then we implement the different aspects of this strategy.

At the end of each month, we provide you, along with your invoice, a report of the SEO optimization tasks performed, that can include a list of publications linking to your website.

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