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Website localisation

Website localisation

Website localisation: a strategic approach

The term website localisation is derived from the domain of geomarketing. It signifies the process of adapting a website to a foreign target market.
This process of internationalisation is largely linguistic. It comprises website translation and website adaptation to a specific locale.
Beyond the linguistic perspective, localisation is a strategic approach of adapting your message to the public abroad. A website can be adapted to a new audience in terms of design, colors used, symbols, marketing strategy.
Professional website localization takes into account the specificity of foreign markets and the cultural identity of the recipients.

French and Polish website localisation

As web-marketing and translation professionals, we provide websites with locally relevant content and design to ensure their success on the target market.
Our team of native speakers of French and Polish, specialised in French localisation and Polish localisation, will help your company adapt to the cultural expectations of your target audiences and successfully engage French and Polish customers.

Localisation and SEO

If you are looking for an even more comprehensive service, we recommend the SEO optimisation of your localised website. Website optimisation for the search engines will assure better rankings in Google search results in the target countries – a necessary step in promoting your business or product in a competitive market.

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