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Freelance web designer & SEO - France

Karolina Sajak

Karolina Sajak is a Polish website designer, SEO expert and translator.


BSc Hons Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceLeeds Metropolitan University, UK, graduated in 2009 with Outstanding Contribution prize from the British Computing Society (BCS)
MA Hons Literature and Culture of English-speaking countriesUniversity of Silesia, Poland, graduated in 2005 with a 1st class degree.

Professional skills

Search engine optimisation consultant

  • Experience in effective website positioning
  • Keyword research
  • Competition research
  • Technical and semantic audit – implementation of SEO strategy
  • Technical optimisation – on-page optimisation of the source code
  • Semantic optimisation – web content editing and optimisation, SEO copywriting
  • Positioning tracking – statistical analysis
  • SMO (social media optimisation): management and optimisation of blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…)

Polish SEO

  • SEO campaigns in Polish
  • Strategic market study specific to Poland
  • Keywords research in Polish
  • Technical and semantic optimisation in Polish
  • SEO web copywriting in Polish

French SEO

  • SEO campaigns in French
  • Strategic market study specific to France
  • Keywords research in French
  • Technical and semantic optimisation in French

SEO in English

  • SEO campaigns in English
  • Strategic market study specific to English-speaking markets
  • Keywords research in English
  • Technical and semantic optimisation in English
  • SEO web copywriting in English

Web designer

  • Design of elegant, efficient and intuitive interfaces
  • Excellent knowledge of user-centered design principles
  • Responsive design (desktop, tablets and smart phones)
  • Websites adhering to Accessibility Standards
  • Website usability testing


  • (X)HTML standards compliant
  • CSS2, CSS3
  • Web design optimised for SEO
  • W3C Standards
  • Browsers compatibility

PHP / SQL / Relational Databases

  • Good knowledge of client-server database architecture, database integrity and constraint implementation
  • Conceptual and logical data modeling
  • Logical database design
  • Development and testing of client-server database applications
  • PHP web development
  • Complex and efficient SQL statements

Web content management systems (CMS)

  • WordPress

Polish translator

  • English-Polish translation
  • SEO optimised Translation
  • Proofreading
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