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Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual search engine optimisation

Multilingual SEO is an aspect of online marketing offering an increasing amount of opportunites. Whether a business is trying to reach a location-specific or language-specific audience, multilingual SEO is a vital marketing strategy. To reach customers based in a foreign country, many businesses choose to translate their website, but often translation alone is not sufficient to reach the maximum possible audience. Search engine optimisation requires a good understanding of how people search for information and the knowledge about users themselves. Search engines see users through the prism of their location, language, search history, and they return search results based on user’s individual profile.

Enhance international traffic to your website

Multilingual SEO allows to determine the best strategy to position a website based on cultural and linguistic characteristics of the customers in a specific country. To maximise the traffic to the website in the target language, mutlilingual SEO methods focus on the study of searches in a target country. Locally focused traffic is more qualified, and more likely to produce unique visitors turning into customers. Paid search campaigns (Google Adwords) in the target languages should also be considered in order to boost international traffic.

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