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Examples of our previous web design projects

Photographer website - Samuel SAULNIER

French photographer Samuel Saulnier contacted us for the creation of his showcase site. A specialist in Haute-Savoie fauna, Samuel, already present on social networks for some years, wanted to present his portfolio on a modern, minimalist site. An elegant design brings out the beauty and purity of his photos. Thematic galleries of animal photography can be managed independently by the artist. Also, on each page, enquiries by visitors are encouraged and facilitated: one can easily contact Samuel for photographic projects or to buy custom art prints. Our basic SEO optimization allowed the website to reach the first page of Google results for the main keyword phrase: “photographe animalier Haute Savoie”.

Wildlife photographer website design - Samuel Saulnier
Desktop version
Gallery from photographer website - S. Saulnier
Desktop version
Mobile website photographer Samuel Saulnier
Mobile version

Company website - ENERECO

The French company ENERECO, based in Châtillon (Île-de-France), specializes in building and renovating properties in the Paris area. The company wanted a website to present & sell wooden parquet flooring throughout France. We created a minimalist-aesthetic design that focuses on product photos and relevant information for buyers. The layout and interface are ergonomic and easy to use on all mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. We also created SEO-optimized content in French for the website.

Web design France - ENERECO parquet flooring
Desktop version
Showcase website with catalogue - ENERECO
Desktop version
Responsive website design - ENERECO
Mobile version

Municipality website - Lézignan-la-Cèbe

The town hall of Lézignan-la-Cèbe needed to replace its outdated website with a more modern and optimized one, in particular so that users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) could access the site and its new features. They include a directory of local associations and another one dedicated to companies based in the town. A custom tutorial and a course enabled the municipal team to manage the content of the pages, write and publish news online, or publish events to be found in an agenda. Since the new site went online, citizens have gained a digital access to the town hall and its services.

Town hall web design - Lézignan-la-Cèbe
Desktop version
Website design for a municipality - Lézignan-la-Cèbe, Hérault, France
Desktop version
Mobile website for town hall - Web design for commune de Lézignan-la-Cèbe
Mobile version

Bilingual company website - EURORACK

EURORACK is a Polish industrial metal shelving installation company operating in France and Poland. The bilingual site is aimed at professionals and presents the scope of the company’s services and the conditions under which it operates, the security of the installations being a supervised activity. We have entirely redesigned and optimized the website to enhance its visibility in the search results. We provided extensive copywriting of SEO-optimized content in French as well as basic on-site optimization in Polish. A few months after launching, the website is visible on the first page of Google results for many keywords in French and Polish.

Web design & SEO for France and Poland - EURORACK
Desktop version
Showcase website design France - EURORACK
Desktop version
Responsive web design - EURORACK mobile version
Mobile version

Artist website - Christophe HEYMANN

“CHAP” (for Christophe Heymann Artiste Peintre) requested us to redesign his website. His choice fell on a clear, minimal and elegant design, in order to highlight his works inspired by pop art and US comics. Already present in many online sales galleries and on several social networks for many years, the visual artist wanted to be able to show his artwork on a chic website that reflects his character. The design was thoroughly modernized and remodeled. The artist can edit the content of the website readily, add paintings to the galleries or update the press section with new articles and videos.

Web design for an artist website - CHAP
Desktop version
Painter website, image galery - CHAP
Desktop version
Mobile web design for an artist - CHAP
Mobile version

Hypnotherapist website - Michèle SEBENNE

Website design project for Montpellier based hypnotherapist Michèle Sébenne included modern & responsive web design as well as SEO optimization in French language. The website presents hypnotherapy and the symptoms that can be treated by hypnosis with a strong user-centered focus. We created a new design for the website in line with the theme of hypnotherapy and the wishes of our client. The text content is SEO optimized and the website ranks on the first page of Google results for many keywords in French.

Web design and SEO France - Michèle Sébenne
Desktop version
Hypnotherapist web design - Michèle Sébenne
Desktop version
Mobile responsive website design - Michèle Sébenne
Mobile version

Bilingual wine estate website - Domaine de Rieussec

The wine estate of Marie-Hélène Deltort, classified as Monument Historique, is an exceptional place in Hérault. Visitors can hire conference rooms, parks and gardens.
The new web design has been crafted in a minimalist style, emphasizing on the identity of the place and the beautiful photos of the estate and its English and French gardens. The site is adapted to tablets and smartphones, and has been translated into English, making it also accessible to the English-speaking public.

Guesthouse website - Domaine de Pélican

Near the “Grand Site de France” Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Isabelle and Baudoin Thillaye du Boullay offer original accommodation, within the grounds of their 17th century estate, offering “table d’hôtes” and wines produced on site.
In order to modernize the digital image of the domain and enhance its visibility, the website has been redesigned and optimized for search engines and mobile devices. We created a simple design putting the focus on content, with a soothing ambiance, precious to the owners.

Wine estate website - Mas des Chimères

Guilhem Dardé, a producer of organic AOC wine Terrasses du Larzac, needed a redesign of his website to present the activity of the vineyard estate Le Mas des Chimères as well as the wines which he produces. Our agency created the new website adapting its design to modern web standards whilst preserving the spirit and values which the Dardé family wanted to communicate. The new website is adapted to all mobile devices and it is optimized for search engines.

Bilingual artist website - Lyse Mary

Bilingual website in French and English presenting paintings by Lyse Mary, a French artist from the Alps. Her surrealist art represents magical landscapes and mysterious characters.

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