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Website translation

Website translation in French, Polish and English

Professional translation services in French and Polish

The automatic machine translation of the content of a website is not enough to transfer its meaning and the ideas conveyed by the original text. Similarly, the level of language cannot be efficiently transcribed by an automatic translator. As a result, machine translation does not meet the requirements in terms of marketing texts.

To attract the interest of foreign customers and to gain their trust, it is essential to provide a correct and natural-sounding translation of the website content. Only native users of the target language can guarantee the appropriate level of translation, preserving linguistic nuances and marketing aspects of the original text.

Our agency offers professional translation of web content into French and Polish.
We care about the details, we take into account the nuances of the source text and the cultural uniqueness of the target recipients.

The languages we translate:

  • French – English / English – French
  • Polish – English / English – Polish
  • French – Polish / Polish – French

Translation in the source code or on text file

If you already have a website and you decide to translate the content, three options are available to you:

  • You can send us the content as text documents (we accept different text file formats like .doc, .odt, .txt, etc.)
  • We can translate your web content directly within the source code (.html, .php, .asp, .xml, databases…)
  • We can translate your website using the administration of your CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, PrestaShop…)
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