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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting

Optimized textual content

The current state of SEO puts stress on website content, context and authority.
The shift to textual content dependence requires websites to be well written, to present interesting information with calibrated keyword density, presented in an attractive way, without spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Hence the importance of SEO copywriting efforts in every positioning strategy.

Web editing

Our agency specialises in web editing. We create web content adapted to the theme(s) of your website, and focused on marketing your products and services.
To meet your expectations, we start with an in-depth study of the theme of your site. We thoroughly explore your sector, discover the related lexical field and idiomatic expressions, so that our web content editing and copywriting is solid and trustworthy, based on relevant and accurate information, with the accent on the commercial message.

SEO editing and copywriting

SEO copywriting (or SEO editing) is a form of web writing, focused on the use of keywords and expressions relevant to the website theme. The process concentrates on creating web content which is relevant both for the user and for search engines.
To improve the visibility of your website in Google, we perform an in-depth keyword research and create a semantic matrix of keywords related to your product, service or brand. Based on the semantic matrix, we write optimized web content to effectively position your site before its competition in Google search results.

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