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French website localisation

French localisation

Website translation and adaptation for the francophone market

France has the second largest economy in Europe and fifth worldwide. It is one of the main trade and economic partners of the United Kingdom in Europe. French sales market of 66 million inhabitants is very attractive for companies developing their business on international markets. If you are considering developing your business on the French market, professional translation and localisation of your company’s website is a necessary step to establish and develop relations with trade partners and customers based in France.

French translation

Our web agency provides French translation services, tailored to the needs of companies. French is our native language, which allows us to provide high-quality translation and localisation, well adapted to the cultural context of the French market.

French localisation and optimisation

To improve the visibility of your website in French Google results, we offer a professional service of French website localisation with SEO optimisation.
We analyse your direct competition in France, and we study the keywords and key-phrases associated with your business. Based on the keywords research, we create a semantic matrix which we use as a reference in the process of website localisation.
Optimised localisation is a form of translation that is adapted to both users and search engines in the target language.

Translation and optimisation of meta-data

The study of keywords related to your business or activity helps us effectively optimise the URLs and meta-data of translated web pages. These aspects of localisation are primordial for every well targeted marketing campaign on the internet. Search engines consult the meta-data to know what your website is about. Localised meta-descriptions also provide the internet users with a first impression of your brand.

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